Guimarães Embroidery.
A Tradition Renewed.

The book Guimarães Embroidery: A Tradition Renewed contains the results of the research undertaken during the process that led to the certifying of Guimarães Embroidery and was co-financed by the Operational Programme for the Northern Region (Programa Operacional da Região Norte).

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In the preparation of the book, 266 pieces of embroidery were collected from various private entities and put into a data base on computer. From that group, a total of 63 pieces were included in the catalogue, with the selection “determined strictly based on the need to choose only those pieces that would help in explaining the evolution of Guimarães Embroidery and not because of any lack of beauty or quality of those examples not chosen” (p. 65).

In the first chapters of the book, we are made aware of the historical framework of Guimarães Embroidery and its geographical and social contexts over the subsequent periods of transformation that it went through. In the chapter entitled, “Guimarães Embroidery – a Recent Past with an Auspicious Future” by Isabel Maria Fernandes, we learn about the factors that influenced the embroidery and the consequent changes to it over time. In the article by Maria José Queirós Meireles “Guimarães Embroidery – From Tradition to Innovation” we can appreciate the features of the various styles of Guimarães Embroidery over four periods in time, thus getting to know the historical roots of the art and how it has been kept up to the present day.

Each one of the pieces in the catalogue, organized by Patrícia Moscoso, is identified by its inventory number and has systematized information documented with photos that show the piece as a whole and in detail. Finally is the chapter by Júlia Fernandes entitled “Designing for Embroidery” which illustrates the characteristic motifs and patterns of Guimarães Embroidery in the various above-mentioned phases.

Bringing together all this information, the book, Guimarães Embroidery: A Tradition Renewed becomes an indispensable tool for the certification of Guimarães Embroidery, and above all, is an important source that allows a wider reading public to recognize the value of our living heritage, one in constant adaptation to the demands of modern times.

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