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Notebook of Specifications

The Notebook of Specifications is a teaching and learning instrument from the process of certification that Guimarães Embroidery underwent which will provide artisans doing the embroidery with necessary specifications and schematics covering seven items.

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Given the fact that Guimarães Embroidery is valued for its seal of authenticity and quality of execution, the Notebook of Specifications is essentially a guide for the person who is embroidering as well as for those who wish to sell the embroidered pieces with a view to assuring the public a hand-made craft piece of the highest value, backed by the guarantee of a certified product.


A series of three videos presented here intends to show in a simplified way the various phases of embroidering a motif or pattern using three of the 21 types of stitches in Guimarães Embroidery as well as how to perform two other stitches considered to be the most characteristic.
The first video shows how the reproduction of a motif inspired from the logo of Guimarães Embroidery onto parchment paper and then onto a piece of Linen 20 cloth. Next, the base cloth is embroidered with cotton thread DMC 321 using the espinha and nozinho stitches.
The second and third videos show in detail how to do the canutilho and gradinha stitches, which are almost obligatory for any Guimarães Embroidery.

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