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This site is dedicated to Guimarães Embroidery (Bordado de Guimarães) as a way to promote and present the rich values of cultural heritage that it embodies to a wider public. At the same time, very special attention should be paid to the significance of Guimarães Embroidery as an exquisite form of handicraft which not only bears a guaranteed seal of authenticity but also represents a valuable legacy of techniques and varieties found in specific localities in and around Guimarães.

From 2004 to 2007, Guimarães Embroidery was the focus of intense study with the goal being Certification of the art form. This included research that placed the embroidery in its historical context, sought out antique embroidered pieces and registered this information in a data base. The result of this study was published in 2006 in the catalogue Guimarães Embroidery: Renewing the Tradition and in the Notebook of Specifications, which contain all the relevant information dealing with styles/typologies of materials and stitches as well as the techniques and instruments used.

With the book Guimarães Embroidery: Renewing the Tradition available online, visitors can consult all the information on the characteristics of the embroidery as well as see how it was adapted over time by the needs of the people. For the artisans who do the embroidery, the Notebook of Specifications represents the essential practical guide for producing embroidered pieces in accordance with the rules in place for Certification, which can also be consulted here. Videos also show the way the embroidery is done, namely some of the more characteristic stitches of Guimarães Embroidery, and pieces on sale can be ordered via the site www.aoficina.pt.

We hope that this page will be useful in increasing your understanding and appreciation of this high-quality handicraft whose traditions are greatly esteemed and recognized in Portugal.


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